Customer Data Integration Architecture

As above figure depicts, building a customer data hub requires both bulk data movement from ERP, CRM and other operational systems as well as transaction level data validation and customer master management from the customer touch points.

In reality, most data is generated by the operational systems, such as an SAP R/3 system or a Siebel application. Customer name and address data will be maintained by the various operational components that need to communicate with the customer. These systems perform tasks such as invoicing, campaign execution and shipping – each of which provide customer touch points that can aggregate more customer information. One approach for maintaining data integrity would be to attack the problem at the operational system level. This seems to be a practical approach. After all, operational systems are the place where detailed transactions are completed. However, these applications are dedicated to performing one function that represents specific business requirements. The data collected in this environment is a by-product of the transactions that have been executed, and for the most part, the applications found here are not integrated with any other applications. Furthermore, each application is its own standalone environment and is optimized for the particular needs of the application. While this data is optimized for the operational system, to fully understand your customer, you need to consolidate that data, by customer, into a single customer-centric database.

The goal of CDI is to provide the best information from the combination of the customer systems. By combining the systems, you know the customer at each touch point across every line of business. This requires an accurate, coherent customer view. Specifically, the goal is to:

Resolve customer data duplications and ambiguities throughout the entire enterprise.
Supplement gaps in the knowledge of customers from external sources.
Support customer data extraction and creation of an integrated customer database.

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